Dj Charmzy, hollow bass help

Anyone lend a hand making this bass? Im using Logic without massive and just can’t get it :confused:

Got pretty close with the EFM1 but just wasn’t what I was after.

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I think you want to detune a square and have an envelope on a LP filter with a low cutoff.
I reckon @topmo3’s got tips on this.

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lol don’t really know how to synthesize it. I use a Saurus preset that I heavily custom for my preferences. there are some knobs that I don’t know how they translate to other synths. but basically it’s just a detuned square with a lot of “presence” ie chorus and spread and a bit of reverb. oh yeah, and definately an lp filter

sine shaper. almost all of these pulse-esque basses are made using some sort of sine/parabolic shaping.

like the pulse x bass is just an 808 with distortion (the distortion in rebirth is actually a sine shaper as far as i can tell)

Do you have any ideas on how to do this with just using Logic’s synths? I don’t have massive where I know there is a sine shaper :confused:

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I’m sure there are 3rd party standalone plugins that do this sort of thing, that is if logic itself doesn’t.
Dunno how much help this will be, but here