DJ Weapons

Post your DJ weapons of choice. Tunes that are unique to you or tunes you dont really hear others play.
Can be rarities, dubplates or slept on tunes

Ill start:


nice thread idea

bit ecclectic lol

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love that tsheshta boys tune. forgot that one

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i cant remember theres this other snh african house hit
something something bullet

those weird african dance bits are dope af

this pisstank one sooo much - bit hard - but raves

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ayo I’m gonna steal some of these tracks for my sets thanks a lot guys

dw tho I’m not a big deal so it wont affect you atall I reckon

hardest techno weapon

Three of these are unique to my sets as well.

How bouh dat.

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Which ones

Jon E Cash - War 4/4
Ordinary People - I’m Missing (Vocal Dubz For Clubz)
P Jam - Untilted

Massive tunes