DSF 100BPM sample pack comp **Voting open till 10th Jul

New comp I’m hosting

Rules as follows

Has to be at 100bpm but the snare can fall wherever you want so it can be halftime or whatever (or no snare, up to you.) no specific genre constraints.

I will provide a sample pack with some files in that I believe will be fun to use. No external synths or sounds to be used however feel free to run anything from the sample pack through a sampler.

So yeah just make whatever you want at 100bpm using solely the sample pack

5 min song length cap

Deadline is friday 1st of July at 9PM UK time. All songs must be sent to me with a download link by then.

I’ll post the sample pack when I get home from work :smoking:tonight but just giving a heads up


I’ll do it

Sweet, currently your set to win so long as no one else is up for it!

im down

Cool, pack to be uploaded later

Fuck there goes my chances


slowing down’s fun

sounds fun but wouldnt be 200 50 25 bpm still be 100 bpm i mean you need a center point to judge why its 100 bpm
if i set an arp to 1/8 or 1/16 wouldnt that change the speed anyways ?

A very good point, I guess that kind of thing is hard to police, we could just all set our project files to 100 bpm, I don’t see a problem with any multiple of 100 being used.

I can’t really think of any way to control it other than saying where the snare falls etc

Any suggestions?

As those are all multiples or factors of 100… Whatev. I reckon we’ll get 3 speeds - sludge, 90s hip hop, and breakcore/gabber. Or sludgy break-hop. :duncelol:

Sounds fun. I’d like to play.

Yeah that sounds feasible! Just make whatever you want, ideally with the project set to 100BPM and whichever tune gets the most votes wins.

I can give it a shot

Project at 100, do the maths to make it sound 150ish

I wanna do 200 bpm is this safe?

Triplets beesnatch! :laughing:

I’m fuckin tired today

Triplet 100bpm track inc

Thanks for getting this up and running , sounds like a worthwhile challenge - no samples yet? Itching to get to grips with the raw materials !

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Didn’t get a chance to do it tonight so I’ll get them up early tomorrow morning

Probs should have made the thread once I had my samples ready to upload but oh well lol

Blue balls