DSF Interview with Pinch


Pretty sure he’s got Kahn, Joker & Goth Trad either lined up, or soon to be




It’s been a long time since Pinch cooked dinner for me, so can’t comment on his skills. I’m a proficient cook and reckon I’m better than Joker>>>

@jaydot Yes most definitely, Kahn said him and Neek would be up for it when they get back from Japan. Addison Groove is likely to be the next one as he’s about. I’ll start a new questions thread soon.


Full Bristol crew inside! Try and do Gemmy at some point got some synthesis q’s to ask him


Respect Pete,


4real this is great man, loving the interactive element to this

gotta say i disagree with what he said about bristol dubstep and not having a coherent vibe, like this could be entirely something i’ve created in my head studying in bristol and rinsing punch drunk but when i’m mixing and do a bristol bit of guido, rsd, gemmy, joker, pev, and general punch drunk vibes like pete’s and gatekeeper-let go etc, it always feels like it has a theme- just colourful, melodic and more playful in general than london stuff which feels more eyesdown, like headhunter always felt like a london producer to me cos he fit into youngsta’s sound so well and put out almost everything on tempa and same with appleblim’s darker skull disco stuff …

but then

i’m not pinch so i’ll probably shut up


thanks Pete & Pinch
like being there

now really wish I’d got to the Pinch/Headhunter dubstep gig in Sydney earlier this year
whereas I only managed the Pinch/Addison Groove “bass music” night which wasn’t real satisfying
tho recently re-listening to Pinch’s 2011 Fabric Live, I appreciated the “post-ds” tunes a little more
(even so Distance’s Blue Meanies is the standout)


Blue Meanie is a really underrated release imo


O absolutely!


Yo… I think we can do better.

Anyone got a hookup with a “name” act that we can interview or AMA or whatever here?


Not me.
Maybe we could interview an x-ninja.
Trouble is I can’t remember any.
Got their records & that
Wot was the name of that yank
til maybe 09/10
something like "Hatcha"
did technosortahouse
good bloke, bright.
Anybody in contact?
He’d do an interview.
As would a lot of quieter blokes.