[DUB] Gannon - Untitled WIP

First track I’ve uploaded in a while. Going to the dub roots with this one! It is a WIP so; it’s unmastered, the volume will be lower than usual, some things may sound “Dry” in terms of fx and etc… Just looking for feeback on the actual sound and composition of the tune. Although I would appreciate mixing tips if you can fault anything.


I’m feeling this one, love the old-school vibe! I’m looking forward for the finished version man. About mixing and stuff like that, well yeah I don’t know, I think you got some solid, high-quality elements here and the mix is quite balanced in my ears so no worries. Maybe some deep reverbs here and there will add to the mix, but it’s all so subjective to be honest. Keep it up! :frog:

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Thanks man, Dubstep needs that old school era to come back in. Appreciate the feedback and the follow on soundcloud, expect a finished version of this and more old school dark type dubs from me from now on! I will try and see if I can add more space with reverb.

Checked your soundcloud, straight fire from you. I’ll be keeping updated on your stream.


the sound that starts at around 00:44+ is awesome

digging the mischievous vibe of the track


Ty man, guessing you think it fits alright then in context with the tune?

Aha yeah I’m just really into dub and dark dubstep at the moment, really wanted to mix the two together and see what I get :slight_smile:

got a nice vibe to it, i think the bass sounds a little flat though. the sounds at 0.44 are great