Dubstep Facebook groups

Nothing like merging internet randoms with personal life, So what are some of these groups that have usurped forum based discussion?!

Proper out of the loop with alot of stuff these days, maybe just been mad busy…

I run secret groups (I’d have to invite you) for producers/promoters/dj’s pushing deep dark sounds. Primarily production focused…let me know if you’re interested.

Sure man drop us a PM. Really just like discussion, place linking tunes and upcoming events really.
Like there must be shit loads of people out there judging by how rammed and mental DMZ can be, how busy System is and people running their small nights up and down the country and across the globe.

I would be interested?

Looking for some production groups that screws with anything bass related. PM me if you got links.

I must be in like 40 deathstep groups, I keep getting invited to them…

just add me on facebook. chase diffey