Dubstep Photos (Origins - 2011)


So I started this new group on Facebook, and though it would interest y’all.

Basically it’s a group where people can share their photos and memories. I think we all agree that this was a really special time for music, and I have some great memories. Would be really interested to see everyone else’s photos from this era, and especially to hear your personal stories and memories. Feel free to post photos/videos from your time clubbing, iconic images, classic videos/interviews, cover art/cd’s, posters, or anything else from the era. (Not for posting classic tunes though!). Really want to try and make this about sharing YOUR personal memories and stories!


I forget you lot exist outside of dsf sometimes


Sadly no photos although I swear someone took pics of the crew in attendance afterward… knell, phigure, OGlemon I think, etc.

(Reposted from here)

… [the ] time security staff at the Mala gig thought I was a bouncer and let me just walk around and chat w man while everyone else was getting pushed out the door… I offered to blaze up w some herb but he said he only fucked with hash, then said “ok let’s smoke that herb” and I was like sure! Then saw you guys [Phig etc.] and just left to catch up lol.

Mala if you’re reading this offer still stands m8.

@Phigure was that 2008? :hmm:

What else… babysitting for Tristan’s (Truth) child… um, I know there’s other stories. Will add as they come up.

Oh yeah - 2nd time I met him, telling Kode9 I had done a song that sounded similar melodically to ‘Samurai’ and he was like “oh yeah? I’d like to hear that” and then I went home and could never find the song file again lol.


Just read through these. Some absolute gold in there!

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I miss the ninja rolls tbh.

Thankfully @cyclopian and @knobgoblin are still active here in the Bay. @Alert1 is around here too iirc but haven’t met yet.

But I do feel lucky to have met a bunch of others of ye too irl as well. Big up to the DSF meetup massive, seen…

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not that far West, but I did live in Cali very briefly back in the mid 90s

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Where ya at now if you don’t mind askin’?

it was 2012, I would’ve been 14 in 2008 :badteeth:

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I’m so old


rather not powerlevel that much

nothing personal

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All good.

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good idea, big bump for munters in the club thread

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Got over 160 members already. Would be wicked if any of you original forum heads had any photos and memories to share.

Would appreciate any shares too. Really wanna try build this into something big!


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