Dubstep that is not 4/4 Time


Some of this dubstep stuff was mindbending.


and another one…


Percussion in that is pretty awesome.


it’s pretty easy to 3/4 remix some 4/4 tracks, depends on the tune. i did a good one of cessman - gurkha but it’s not online any more


lol well it (was) club music

i guess now its sit on youtube & play xbox music so that crowds pretty cool to appeal to i guess


Back in like 2005/6 Benga had one. Heard it only live and later on the radio shows like the old Stella Sessions. Don’t think it was ever released but I have it in a couple of old mixes somewhere. MC just called it “wonky time signature tune”.


Not dubstep but dub-relevant, forgive if repost.


^What he said…


was trying to mix something into this with no luck recently haha


I’d like to hear that?
was it 6306 by chance? that is 4/4 iirc, but has a very interesting rhythm


Made a wonky mix with some wonky dubstep tunes. Might fit in the thread:
(starts about 24mins into the mix)


(not electronic but some cool drumming)

I know the audio is a bit on the not so good side, yet i found some 17/16 drums by Marco Minneman

and also some 17/16, 19/16 and 25/16 business from Christopher Ghazel


This little beastie is probably 4/4 yet has a 6/4 (maybe 6/8) feel to it in a good portion of the song with some 4/4 feels in the midsection.


I looked for it again but it’s on an old hard drive somewhere. But no it’s not that one. Don’t think it was released at all. It sounded a bit like a Coki tune skipping on a scratched CD or something.


I think this one is just 4x4 with a tripletty beat and awkwardly cut percussion samples tbh, though it’s not my favourite from her and I’ve not spent heaps of time listening to it.


I know It’s pretty much 4/4 right but that placement of the snare does something to it





@kaili has some 3/4 shit will post when I’m done at work my soundcloud app is shitty and wont let me.share things


This channel is actually lit as fuck if you’re even mildly interested in music theory!
Popped up in my suggestions a couple of weeks ago and I’ve never looked back.