Dubtopia Records


easy DSF family
thought i should post this here. i’m sure there are still some good people around who get the vibe.

So as some of you know i promote a soundsystem session in bern, switzerland called dubtopia.
over the years the idea of releasing music played at these nights grew bigger and bigger.

so here we are.
i’m really proud to present you DBT001!

the 12" comes with a beautifully screenprinted sleeve.
Preorder now on whitepeach and help spreading the word.

so… not much more to say i guess… go listen to the clips, preorder, spread it and keep the good vibe going!


12" Vinyl
A: phrex - Aldebaran
AA: phrex - Borderless (refugees welcome)

Mastered by Jason @Transition Studios
Artwork by Severin Hürzeler


great to finally see this one, long time coming release, can’t wait to get mine & I hope there’ll be more dude


big up!
one after the other… some tunes in the line tho…


Wicked tunes man, when payday rolls around I’ll def pick one up :twothumbsup:




Is this going to make it to any other shops? Nothing against White Peach.


easy! it will.
right now it’s also as preorder on deejay.de.
i think all others will follow soon…


now preorders also on juno:


gwan phrex




On it! Cheers!


thanks to everyone who supported, spread the word and preordered!
sent the records to the distributor today and i have almost none left.
wouldn’t even dream of this record being almost sold out just with the preorders.

although i’m pretty sure that additional copies will be around in all shops.
much love!

i’m already in the works for dubtopia 002.


big up phrex was just wondering if you were still doing music


'course :wink:


forever wishing cutkachi jim jam would see a release on dubtopia :drooling_face:


killer tune indeed.


DBT 002
this dubplate has torn the place apart at many dubtopia sessions!
time to unleash it!..

expected to drop first half 2018 on 12"


Orson on the B side as well? The world needs more Orson


probably not - but this might not be the last orson tune coming out on dbt. we’ll see…


free d/l. hit me up for wav. unfortnatly they only take 320s
-> https://soundcloud.com/xlr8r/download-dj-xtc-functions-on-the-low-phrex-refix