Eerie Atmospheres

Hello !

I’d like to know which VST is best for creating these dark eerie atmospheres. I’ve provided a few examples of what i’m talking about.

Thanks in advance ! Have a wonderful day.

Yo thats way too broad as a question

which sounds do you want ?

omisphere is supposed o be sick for ‘pads’

refx nexus is probably the standard today and very easy to use

Ok to be specific, as i posted a few examples above. The first song Hyperion, You can hear an atmosphere sound as soon as you press play. At the beginning of each of the examples there are those eerie pad sounds, that is what i’m talking about.

Use harmor. Take any sample. Slow it down by a lot


yoú can make good pads out of most synths tbh

if you use some fx and some okay reverbs too

paul stretch is a nice timestretch program for texture btw


Pretty much this.

I do prefer sampled based synthesis for any kind of “atmosphere” sounds myself. My go-tos are Alchemy and Absynth. But basically just time stretching sounds + FX vsts can take you really far.

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Thanks for everyones answer, i appreciate it !

I was thinking of those 2 myself. That’s what I had assumed. Thanks man

In all seriousness time stretching + reverb really makes for some creepy sounds. Another really good thing is recording your own stuff.

Also a lot of the atmosphere has to do with the rest of the song, having a paddy-sounding drone with a really awkward beat that uses non-traditional percussion is probably going to be creepy


yes i use harmor it is alot of fun

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Harmor is pretty awesome. So much you can do with it

Again. YES. If you’ve got a smart phone you’ve got a good enough field recorder.

We’ve got all this fancy synthesis now which is great but this method, I think, will stand the test of time. Overall probably a less CPU heavy method as well. If I’m trying to get a really dense creepy atmosphere I might start by making a project with just time stretched samples and FX…doing an arrangement almost as if I’m making an ambient track, bounce that, then do the rest of the work in an entirely different project. Bounce all the stuff from the first project to audio.


yeah you should man, I do this a lot and its a ton of fun. I love working without the stress of ‘arrangement’ and everything else that comes from making a ‘normal’ tune start to finish.

Yeah. You can’t recreate a sample (I mean you could but it would be a lot of work).

And as far as smart phone recorders, the vocals for slug on the roof was recorded on my phone so clearly phones have sufficient power

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If you had to recreate those sounds , which one of the two plugins would you want to use ? i’m really wanting to get Absynth

Well at this point you have to buy Logic to get Alchemy so…

If only all tools were compatible with all DAWs

You don’t have to buy any DAW :wink:

I havent paid for anything else but Harmor. Rest of my stuff is cracked :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get Alchemy (sort of) in GarageBand for iOS now. Not bad for $5.