Eerie Atmospheres


this was the inspiration for ‘paul’ to make paulstretch btw, might be common knowlege, but also interesting. A 24 hour live streamed version of “Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th symphony stretched to 24 hours, with no pitch distortions”

the interview:


I won’t tell anybody outside this forum, promise :ghost:


I once paulstretched this forum and it took me three years to read.


The first rule of paulstretch club…


I thought everyone knew bout Paul stretch haha

It’s fucking genius tho. Seems to work best with multi layered complex sound


These are Mac only, but IMO they make amazing atmosphere’s with very little effort. Almost feel bad about letting people in on the secret…

Michael Norris is the Chuck Norris of plugins


Thankyou good sir, this will add wonders to some ambient I’m working on right now :slight_smile:


Da real mvp! :fire:


yes, Omnisphere 2 is the go-to for these backgrounds


take a sample… pitch it down 8 times… add reverb… profit?


Add subtle distortion, add or reduce it with automation, play with stereo wideness, and yes I’m at uni and not producing lol


A cool trick I learned was with ableton’s reverb unit:

  • take a sound and put the reverb on with a very long decay time
  • set up a resampling channel,
  • play the sound and record it into the resampling channel
  • when the reverb is at a particularly nice sounding point hit the freeze button on the reverb unit and it will just stretch out that point in the reverb tail until you turn freeze back off
  • now in your resampling channel you will have a cool atmospheric drone sound that you can do whatever you want with
  • I like to whack it into a sampler and use it as a pad if the sound is an actual note, if it’s the reverb tail of a drum hit or something like that you can use it to make cool risers or white noise fills and stuff