El Mahdy Jr

Man needs his own thread. Is this dubstep? debatable for sure.
High on the list of people Id love to book as well…

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sounds very skull discoey
disco maghreb reminds me of fear by appleblim or maybe tomb by appleblima and gatekeeper
percussion reminds me of shackleton

never really put him as a skull discoey type of guy but now you’ve said it i can really see it!

love this collab with Gantz

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yeah its the drums and those eastern vocals. this is the first time ive heard of this guy though so big ups

His LP is really good, infact all of his stuff is but I may be biased haha

I always put him down as hip hop but could be very flexible between many genres. Hard to define. Very good. Heard about him thru gantz reposting him on sc

his record on Danse Noire is fire. like every other record they’ve put out so far.

I should probably dig through their stuff tbh. Saw Mahdy mention this artist on his FB and have been liking her stuff alot

I thought he was the vocalist/singer on this :sweat_smile:

seeing that we’re on this topic,

I’m looking for a tune he did with Gantz, think i heard it in a mix, cant find it anywhere,

its starts off with a reporter talking(about the smoke coming to the building or something / protestors etc)

Proper apocalyptic vibes. any ids?

Absolutely rate this guy.

Oddly I never really linked that to him but that totally makes sense. it was at the start of the Gantz mix for Vivek on his show ages and ages ago.
I own all el mahdys stuff that hes put out (according to discogs anyway) and its not on there so no clue

This is the TL and Exile is now out so maybe that or it was a soundbite attached to the start


El Mahdy Jr - Last Breath (dub)
El Mahdy Jr & Gantz - Exile (dub)
Gantz - Spry Sinister (Forthcoming)
LAS - Witch Doctor (Forthcoming Innamind)
?? - ??
Gantz - Lyrical Trick (Innamind)
?? - ??
Gantz - U Won’t Mind VIP (dub)
Core - The King (Gantz RMX) (dub)
Gantz - Stayer (Innamind)
Commodo - Double Zero (dub)
El Mahdy Jr & Gulls - Zalim Delay (Boomarm Nation)
Iskeletor - Afromax (Gantz RMX) (TEKTOSAG)
LAS - Pocosink (dub)
Gantz - Karma Lies (Karma Lies EP)
Sorrow - Mourner (dub)
LAS - Hypnogogia (dub)

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Bigup! thats the tune/clip i was looking for, dark


Iskeletor… Whaaaaaaaat. This is from Turkey?!

check out iskeletor’s stuff on Boomarm Nation, quality!

That Iskeletor 7" from a while back is a mad thing. proper heavy and rough & tough soundsystem workouts. same goes for the new El Magdy Jr. remix on boomarm nation.

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