Encrypted Audio - EA Thread


Will start the ball rolling with the the new one from Karnage

This one out now via all retailers and our own Bandcamp. By via Bandcamp and we will link you the digi files



Full Release of Rybgy ENC021 is out now via all the usual Digital outlets


Beatport - https://www.beatport.com/release/enc021/1919535
Juno - http://www.junodownload.com/products/rygby-enc021/3300247-02/
Itunes (Search Rygby)




The next part of the story

ENV007 from Samba was a huge success infact it sold out rapid and caused such a stir in my inbox we began formulating what next for Samba. With 007.1 (THE REMIX) release due soon we thought it was time to push for ENV007 DIGI EXCLUSIVE

Available via the link!
Dont not miss this! Featuring Dripplets and Turbulence! MONSTER WORK!

TR^ / #codedinsound


Somehow managed to order too many of these…hmu if you missed and want one - retail price


ENV011 up for preorder


1800 - GMT - Sunday 15th October = Release of ENV013 from Malleus




So happy to get that second track released


Samba x Chokez - Ghastly is forthcoming ENV015

Flip is
B - Konichiwa / Chokez
BB - Snow / Samba


Bukez Finezt has done a remix of that apparently.
no idea what it sounds like


i think i just heard that remix on causas instagram story ting. it sounds like bukez samples with edits made by foamy.



just an announcement about ghastly tp’s…such cock teases

can’t fukin share the post outside facebook…i fuckin hate facebook


encrypted gang played a wild show that ran over ten hours. included interviews, gags, n some test press and over stock of bandcamp releases. hopefully a dl comes up cuz it was quite good.

highlights included the star was darth maul/episode 1 theme dub, and that forgot about dre dub.




Samba / Chonk Mob are one of the best 140 / dubstep crews out there… If only I could cop one of their rarer releases. ENV011 got so much hype yet it doesn’t look like they pressed enough.


Anyone got a spare they’d be willing to trade? Gutted i missed this


Saw it was still forthcoming on Juno so keep an eye out :+1:


I got an untouched spare I’m willing to trade if u still need