Epinix - Sentient [Dubstep, Shaolin]

Hey all :smiley: I just made a new track and wanted to drop it by you guys for some critique/feedback
anything and all is much appreciated!



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big choon m8. me likey that.

really like the eastern vibe, with the pentatonic minor melody on the airy keys/pads and then the kung-fu drops. especially when you can hear the sword swipe in the bg for a sec.

well done!

oh, and of course, well done motion control for wubb and wavetable selection. clean mix overall. drop matches build, and brought back around clean with the melody back out. nothing abrupt or displeasing to the ear.

the mix could be tweaked a little, couple of the synths EQ refined. Maybe some reverb on a couple of the elements. But that the mix and EQ could be fixed in mastering if necessary and reverb suggestion definitely not a must have for it to be market-ready.

call this one DONE broh. noice…

Thank ya man,

yeah I totally agree with a little more reverb. I had added it in initially, but I didn’t use my headphones to hear what I was doing, so it probably just came out odd. Same with the bass, I think I need to get a sub woofer lol :grin:

The talking synth in there at 1:17 and throughout, as well as the background samples/synths are very well done. The snare is really dry though and the overall vibe is a tad cheesy/grating but, not too bad overall.

LOLz. I feel you on that 100%. i was working without a sub for about a year, just in phones (that weren’t reference-grade), and it put a spin on the product. i just added a powered sub to my studio about 2 or 3 months ago, and not only does it give me a more true representation of what the product will be now, but it also makes it a lot more fun to produce.

Definitely prioritize that addition. I know I wouldn’t have waited so long had I known how much of an improvement it would make in my workflow and final product.

Have to say though, I’m even more impressed with the tune knowing you mixed it without a sub or reference phones. You’re tracking is good enough that I wouldn’t have guessed that to be an issue.

Oh for sure I get ya with the cheesy-Ness. The melody kind of just got thrown together in a few hours, while thinking to myself “this should be dope enough” LOL. But nonetheless I was just wanting make a staple sound to represent where I’m at thus far, I’ve got much more sophisticated melodies goin on in the noggin luckily

Oh totally, that will be my next and final piece. I looked around online, purchased one but then realized I had gotten one that was for some home entertainment system xD the ports on the back were something that wasn’t able to plug to a pc. I should probably be getting an Audio Interface as well.

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no interface, no sub… what kind of magic is this that allowed you to produce that track? you’re from the future, aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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