Erin - Autumn What U Saying Mix

housier this time, stuff i’ve been doing and stuff i’ve been feeling

done it in virtual dj like a fuccboi

Erin - Boredofswaggrimenights
Akito - Megamessage 3
Robert Armani - Circus Bells
Erin - SURF 1+2 R SHIT
Beneath - Still Hurts
Cooly G - Tease Pt 2
Jammin’ Gerald - Black Women
Erin - THe High Score
Gramrcy - Ruffian
Deamonds - No More (U Make Me Sick Mix)
Altered Natives - Distances
Geeneus - Detroit
Dinamarca - Hexa
Erin - Locked

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Is this another 400MB WAV again?

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nope, 50Mb Mp3.

Much better :slight_smile:

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Very impressive tracklist, BTW. Not the usual suspects I see trotted out a lot these days, plus throwing in a few of your own tunes including a top & tail.

Very fucking savvy, well done.

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yeah i hit record in virtual dj and didnt think to try changing quality, 192 kbps this time

thanks man, mixing chicago with funky house is really fun

Do you use VDJ due to lack of decks or what?
I say this as I have a Mixtrack Pro you could have for £25 if you want it. Good enough for some people playing out who are on NTS apparently…

lack of equipment yeah, don’t really know anyone with cdjs, it is a bit irritating without controller- you can’t quickly take something in our out and eqing’s a bit fiddly when you’re doing it all with a mouse

but i’ll have a think about but not sure i want one, would rather save up and get some stantons i think, thanks tho

Haha yeah its how I started trying to work it all out, way back before I even considered decks and that. Such a pain in the ass