Experimenting with sound design. Any Feedback?

I’ve been messing a lot more lately with new post processing chains and general sounds design. Any idea what I should do with this guys?

definitely go for more lowmids in the sound

more bass less screech

its pretty well made tho and you seem to know what you are doing so just keep moving

Thanks a lot, I’ll try to do that

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Which automation and why do you want me to highpass the growl above that that threshold? It’s gonna lose the character.

Bounce to audio and play with pitch and time. You can get some cool as fuck warpy movement

You mean I should add a sub that I think is there already?

I’ll try that thank you

There is one, its just octave too high. I’ll fix it on the next wip

Yea, your sub is a bit high (for me) also the whole thing sounds a little scooped in the lowish mids, which gives it a kind of empty disconnected feel, although the overall quality of sound is good apart from this.