Explord - Thought Differently (kLik kLak remx) (deep, chill, VIBRATIONS)

Any opinions on this?

anyone? lol

bass and mix are real good, there’s something about the synth that’s a bit too vibrato, buzzy for me, and the snare is that layered? it sounds like u got a higher and more bassy one but they’re not quite fitting on each other and hitting at the same time to my ears, u might wanna check the phase or eq them together a bit more

the dubby bass is real nice indeed

yea the snare is 2 808’s and a clap. one 808 is literally just the bass on an 808 and the other is one of those metallic sounding trap snares. I tried messing with the snare layering a bunch it sounded way more harsh before but that’s the best I could get it. big ups!