Favourite Skream Tracks?


OMG All of them, seriously Skream is one of my biggest influences, God damn this thread has me going on a skream binge now.


Last time I played in France, some folks would just keep shouting “SKREAAAAM”, dance their arses off when I finally dropped some Skream tune, and as soon as I brought the next plate in they’d go back to shouting.



skream at his peak imo


Mine’s Exothermic Reaction, or Chest Boxing


has this been posted?

such a sick track, proper hench, spark your dad in the face tune

edit -

also this one



Simple City is one of those Skream tunes that I feel like would get shat on by the whole forum if Skream hadn’t made it.


nah simple citys amazing bro


Bass on this one makes you do things

this is nails, percussion is sick


Who remembers when Vacillate got like 4 wheels in Great Suffolk St carpark? Bit antagonistic that 1

Loved it when Skream got on he smashed on Lemon, clearly got the levels well in the red to bypass the RC1 restrictions for a brief few seconds of face-fluffing b-line :fuelpump:


Haha reminds me of the story from I think Phrex,of when Scuba during his transition from dubstep to techno played in Switzerland.

Big group of people came to the night and shouted “play some dubstep” at him for 20mins.

He carried on with techno till they eventually they gave up and left. Once they had he got the 140 out haha


I’ve made a similar point like that before on a different tune and it’s true, and the people who argue know it’s true. I mean even that new Loefah tune recently, if Loefah hadn’t made it, who would care about or even really rate it if it was made by a random nobody, just saying.



That was apparently supposed to come out on deep medi


The 303 one with the hip hop beats from that youngsta set?
I thought that was cool tbh. Yeah, probably wouldn’t get as much love if a noob had made it, but that’s different from the outright hate simple city would get. Like imagine if someone had posted that in dubs a week ago. Would’ve ripped them apart.


Yeah that one with the galactic pad in the background. I didn’t like the acidy synths but I liked the pad and drums.

Yeah exactly, it’s like “Oh we hate brostep sounding tunes except if it was made by skream, mala or commodo” or any specific established producer (not saying mala and commodo do, just saying if they did make a tune like simple city) then I guarantee that it would be exempt from criticism. Just saying.


Man, that’s a tough question. It would have to be either Glamma, Rutton, or Rottan. They are such big tunes!





aah bahl fwd is great!

2-d is underrated. depending on when the settime is, this tune is just perfect for all the teethgrinding ravers.