Feed Me/Spor reese bass tutorial (by the man himself) for Razer Music

guy’s a fuckin genius


I’ve been wanting Razer products for ever.

Didn’t realize razor was getting into the music biz. I guess it makes sense…you need a precision mouse to draw them envelopes.


that trash 2 filter trick is golden…actually…everything that he says is golden.

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lol…damn you razor, i want to make fun of you but this is proper tbh.

vst basic sound + trash 2 component is actually really solid. A lot of the sounds in this tune where made with just basic massive oscilators and minimal tweeking in massive then bounced down through instances of trash 2 with individual components as opposed to the full on presets. Been using that for time. I find staying too much inside a VST’s internal chain always ends up sounding like it comes from that VST no matter how hard you change it. Try to get out of massive as early on as possible imo.

ha yup

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His stuff as Spor is sick, Feed Me is pretty cringe though.

This is seems pretty standard soft synth stuff too, hardly overly complex sound design making a gnarly reese.

its just brolectro…but at least its clean.