First song on a professional DAW

I’m pretty new to this stuff, and this my first finished song in a proffesional DAW.

I have a few concerns with my production capabilities.

First, I keep having to reuse samples. I’m having a tough time finding samples. (I only use the free ones)
Does anyone have some good heavy drum samples they could reference? (Kick, snare, hat crash) I’d like it to be similar to the ones used in my song ^^

Also, mastering. Is my song loud enough? Mixing issues? I’m currently using Maximus to master, and I’m not sure if it’s getting the job done. If not, suggestions on mastering techniques?



Google is your friend for sample packs also I recommend the site “” for samples not drums per se. And loudness doesn’t always equate to a well-mastered tune

This is pretty good brostep. Less offensively noisey than most but with some work would prob have got signed 4/5 years ago.

You should make whatever you like making but you missed the boat with brostep.

I cant really give much mixing advice as I dont like how this style is usually mixed so wrong ears. The main piano at the breakdown and into is really cheesy and un melodic

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Feel like your main bassline could afford be a few db quieter. The drums are pretty well mixed. With the piano, try filtering parts/adding stereo effects to make it sound less stale.

Where’s the sub?

Not sure what kind of set up your using, but, itd, I can hear it pretty clearly.

l listened to it on my Akgs I could swear the sub is missing. And no it’s not that my headphones wouldn’t produce those frequencies (unless your sub sits at 25 Hz or something lol).

Just tried again on some headphones and I hear it. It’s actually surprisingly loud for bro lol.

Hmm, if I were on my laptop right now, I would DL the song and check through a spectrum analyzer how it looks like. I only hear some sub frequencies on the kick, but not any real sub.

Yeah! Only make what’s popular.


Alright looks like I was wrong, since there definitely is a sub. Idk why it sounded like there isn’t back then.

This should have gone in dubs really

way better mastering than i can get on soundcloud. or anywhere on the internet for that matter. what is this maximus you speak of?


really like the dnb switch up! great work, but as some others have said some mastering work needs to be done i think, playing around with multi band compression would be a suggestion!

I fuck with the he-hos, really dank synth, swear I made something really similar sounding in vocodex before…