FISSURE - bit of deathy stuff

Finished and uploaded this bad boy. Any feed back is appreciated and any support etc. will be shown back :slight_smile:

(Yes that is the yugioh card art from back in the day :wink: )

I like the dark atmosphere of the intro. The main synth in the verse is dirty in a good way ;). I like the way it is used a lot. The thing I would recommend is adding some background texture during the drops to help carry that synth a little more, there are a lot of rests written in there, and it can sound a bit empty at times without some background instruments doing something. Something like a subtle arpeggiating synth, or a light pad maybe could go a long way. Other than that, good job! I’m about to post a track myself too, take a listen if you get a chance!

My advice: Break out of your shell bro, use multiple synths in your drops. Changing the LFO automation isn’t enough (in my opinion) and if you can create nice lines with one synth, think about the possibility’s of combining 3 or 4???

Also, most of your tracks audio-form’s are squares. Your mastering process must include massively compressing your tune if the intros and buildups were compressed %90 to the point of the audio form being 2 rectangles separated by a 3 sec. quite point. More than likely, your over compressing your track. You want the volume to lower at points - its a valuable effect. Volume control is a surprisingly helpful tool, so i would be careful you don’t compress it all away. If this happens to you a lot, you might want to try subtractive synthesis (EQing tracks to take away unused frequencies) to clean up your mix.

Just my opinion, great job as usual though!

Its quite ironic that you mention me using multiple synths because I have just finished a track that has 3 synths in the drop and almost finished another that has 6 in total for the drop… and I only just read this hahaha

Cheers for the advice as always man. Much appreciated. Ill have to have a look at the compressor on this one. I only compressed it about 15% if that? Might have something wrong with the programming, or I have just messed something up haha

I actually do use an EQ at the end to do exactly that. Usually cut off some mud in the low and and boost the high end. I have a generic mastering chain that I use on all my tracks to master as best I can. Maybe need to tweak the system a bit haha Cheers man

Hey thanks for the feedback man. I wanted to leave some rests in this track to provide more of an impact when it kicks back in. I originally did have an arp in this however, the arps i make tend to be very uplifting and happy, whereas I wanted to go for a dark track. But yeah man, Ill have to add some texture to carry this a better.

That track you uploaded is dope man. Love the original and your remix its on point. Gave you a comment on that one :wink: Keen to hear more from you :slight_smile: