Foamplate (SYSTEM/Crucial/Well Rounded/Plantpower)

#22 :eyes:




big up foamy


Surprised it’s not sold out on redeye already, big tunes.



Had the pleasure seeing him last week in Stockholm, wicked set with loads Karma, VIVEK, Sub Basics and self production dubs. He’s been out here for a while, hanging out w his lady. Both of them super nice people. If you’re reading this Louie: bigup urself!

He did a live mix on Sub FM as well, w L-Wiz and 1G, starts @55 min


Small interview here Isa did with Louie for trusik to promote plantpower



anyone id that weapon at around 1:05:55 in that Line19 mix?





Second one sounding rough, Kromestar kinda vibe on it


New guest mix on Line 19, plenty of fresh dubs. Starts at 58 minutes.


Foamplate covering for Vivek on Radar…



696 is a banger !!! can’t wait for sonic boom in dam gonna be weight


Today on Sub FM: Line 19 w Foamplate, Lungman, Sepia, Causa, L-Wiz and 1G.

1-5 PM GMT. Don’t sleep!


Hoping this goes up on SC or sub fm


There you go!
Exclusive unvealing of the show: Plantpower 002 - Dub Diggerz



New foamplate out in early 2018


New website and news letter for Plantpower. Conflict included as a freebie!