For sale: Path of Jah

been sitting on like 15 copies of this, waiting until times were hard.
i’m about to max out my overdraft so times are now officially hard.

£10 posted to anywhere in the UK. if you’re elsewhere then talk to me.

I won’t list them on disco G’s yet but here’s the page if you need reminding


hench fucking plate

Already got it but yeah big tunes that don’t pop up too often!

I will buy a copy off of you. Slept on this one, want it badly!

still got them, pm if you want one posted out.

Click on his avatar (the black circle) and on the pop up box there’s a message option in the top right

@Kamil_Rynski l I made a change to your account, try it again and lmk if you still cant send messages.

got a pm from kamil, everything blessy.
think i’ve sold 6 so far, keep them pms coming m8s

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Was supposed to be limited to 300 copies but accidentally 500 copies have been pressed

Haha few more labels should try that.
I think I have about that in my paypal… hmm

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people would have been happy if that accidentally happened to midnight

loefah probably would have been able to afford the extra 200 copies without totally fucking himself financially too

p.s yes you can buy more than one copy, and yes i will post overseas, just PM.
i’m going to the post office tomorrow so if you want it posted before monday you know what to do.


i’ve run out of card stiffeners so i’ve gotta use old 12"s to protect the 10" fire

belgium man gets a free rusko - mr chips 12"
hampshire man gets a free joker - tron 12"
thornaby man gets a free joker - tron 12"
riddles gets a free coki - lucifer 12"

100% posting tomorrow. i woke up too late on friday, sorry boys.


lol, lucifer is 50usd median on discogs, riddles got lucky on that

Safe man, gonna log onto my banking in the mornin. Sorry for the delay, @Johnlenham s stag has fucking killed me.

ye surely if short on cash sell that lol

I’ll take one, PMed you!

lucifer was a joke, sorry :duncelol:
the joker and rusko 12"s weren’t though
still got 12 copies of path of jah, roll up, roll up

Hook me up!
PM me with price or… ?

£10 posted if you’re in the UK
if you’re outside UK then £10 + whatever redeye’s calculator says here


Alright. Do you sell other vinyl as well? I mostly like to buy a few to justify shipping costs.
You seem to throw them around anyway :badteeth: