For sale: Path of Jah


let me dig through the crates, there’s a load of shit i don’t play any more which ranges from bad condition to VG.

i’ve got practically mint condition copies of these too:
mala - eyez vip
coki - lucifer
compa - bait remix




eyez vip sold

still got 11 or 12 jahs left i think


this seemed too good to be true but I got my plate this morning and she’s a fucking beauty+free joker tron, big up @111 I’m liking this forum already


Bigups for the plates and quick replies.


jah bless

it was actually all a big masquerade in order to get you to pay £10 for the joker 12" :badteeth:
i didn’t realise you were new to the forum (or that new people even came to dsf in 2016) so welcome and bigups

anyone else tempted to buy, i’ve got a kryptic minds poster from the limited 500 run of the “one of us” LP - make me an offer. also got a shit load of ps2 and ps3 games. my overdraft is still very real so feel free to take advantage of me.


bump. someone pm’d asking if i’ve still got copies of this, which i do.
if you want one then give me a shout.


might hit you up in the new year when I’m back in the UK


Hey, you still got any copy’s left? Would love one :slight_smile:


He had 15, sold 6 and then still had 12. At that rate, he must have about 16 by now.


haha, the plates must be multiplying.


a load of people just didn’t hit me up or reply. it’s just the ends of a box of 30, i haven’t bothered counting them. i didn’t want to upset jah by trying to quantify his paths like that.

yeah man i’ll pm you


How much to ship it to the USA


Id love one!


i’ll pm you guys in order to be less spammy
future prospective buyers: send me a pm


Anyone heard from this dude? Sent a payment on the 25th Feb to be told it’d be posted within a couple of days. Still no sign :frowning:
Ordered a record from the US the day after and it arrived yesterday


yea, i got 2 copies without a problem in aug.


Nice one, seemed like a straight up guy anyways :slight_smile: ain’t ruled out the possibility of Royal Mail being jobbys


Hey man, I can’t seem to PM you but was hoping to buy a copy if you still have any!!


VERY interested in this if it’s still available! We are having Cessman at our show later this month and it would be a blessing to have this to sign. Thank you!