Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)



Instruments: (win/mac)

Effects: (win/mac)

Other (websites and stuff):

Samplephonics, sign up and get a huge free pack + a new one every two weeks.

also, their free stuff:


Looperman, got a tonne of free content on here, loops, acapellas etc.

Cambridge mixing, really great site with free multitrack downloads, got a mix of things on here, similar to looperman

Quite a popular bunch of sites but if you haven’t come across them then hope this helps. Also if you have any to add just post 'em below


good post!

also here are a few things from my bookmarks i used to use:


sliding into this thread for future reference


Its always nice to have a free stuff thread!



gonna post some of my favourite free plugins later


Goldbaby is great for drum machines.

Some field recordings here:


ok, here goes…

Oatmeal - nice synth, comes with a handful of skins iirc, i like using this one
HGFortune synths - these are THE shit, especially for FX

Molot compressor - check the other plugins as well
Loudmax - Handy and simple limiter
Rough rider

CMT Bitcrusher

TAL-dub TAL-dub II especially
Bionic supa delay

I definitely recommend BlueCat (for the Spectrum analyser, chorus and flanger) and Reaplugs (ReaXcomp, ReaEQ) bundles too



a kitchen has a palette of potential gold drums if you have even a shit mic

sometimes its even preferable to have a shit mic for recording percs and similar, because it creates these otherworldly artifacts

get cooking

let alone … :cornlol:


I have lots of free dubstep samples on my site here:

For example a 100 .wav Sample Pack:


This site got some great free stuff; vst effects and instruments:

There’s lot of HQ free plugins here too:


Egoless put up a free sample pack:

// Egoless Analog Sample Pack #1
Inside this small pack you’ll find various sounds from distorted bass tones, lo-fi snares, dub style synth percussions, spring reverb crashes, analog sine waves distorted through a spring tank or oldschool preamp from the 70-ies + a few more things on the odd side. Computer was used only for recording. Feel free to creatively use it in your productions and share this post … Respect!







yeah that ‘minifilter’ looks p cool, been wanting a decent filter vst for a while now


I’ve just installed it. Will try it out soon. I will let you know, but it seems pretty cool. Arturia worked with Bob Moog back in 2003 and that is what this filter is based on.