Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)


So this is something I could DL and use via midi?
I need some synths. Just using samples is LOOONG.


used this at a friend’s some time ago, pretty neat synth.

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Vember Audio has done some cool plugins. Sometimes a bit of a steep learning curve but well worth it (like the Shortcircuit sampler, free now as well.)


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I heard about this last week. I’m thinking of checking it out. Looks very cluttered though. I don’t think it has been updated in a decade but it might be worth trying out.


Has any of you guys used Splice?

There is a free promo code for 1 month free: REKKERD18


Just for reference

Even Kanye West got caught stealing the trendy Serum digital synthesizer

Kanye afford to buy it? Me thinks Ye can.


I don’t think I would use something like Splice. Part of the fun of making music is creating my own sounds or making my own samples. I also have large banks of samples to go through.


its rly weird to think of kanye on like pirate bay catching some malware


I’m thinking of checking this Izotope Neutron Elements out. I got the Izotope Ozone Elements recently which is decent enough.

Have you guys tried any Glitchmachines? They have a couple of free things but I might buy one (or two) of their plugins on sale to get the Neutron Elements.


I’ve got Fracture from Glitch Machines.
Not really used it enough to know what it all does. There’s one preset I like that I’ve used in a couple of tunes that’s pretty good. I forget what it’s called. Analog something or other…


mebbe try this too


That’s gone top of the list for when I get some cash


For y’all iPad users, there is this app called Syntorial. Highly recommend, free, and teaches you how to replicate what you hear. Also has a built in synth you can play around with. And can sync with garage band. Also it’s available for PC.


I got randomly inspired by Excision’s sample pack… :cornsidedown:
So now I’m whipping up a sample pack, expect heavy sub with crazy fm…


Picked up a few free things in November.

iZotope Neutron Elements
Waves H-Comp
Waves Sibilance


Anyone know of a simple but effective vst (mac) that will allow me to adjust the attack, decay, release and sustain of a sample?

Does such a vst even exist?