Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)


Probably but I wouldn’t even know what I’m looking for dude tbh!! :upside_down_face:


looks like the sampler in reaper is this ting, looks like it has attack and release at least


Ah OK so I just load the sample into it I guess…
Not really sure what I would use asdr for without doing some research but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a play.


waves wins always. got the bundle…

whats sibilance tho?
edit: okay. i googled lol.


Where do you guys get your vocals from? My vocal library is wearing pretty thin


This conversation contains alot of resources, I am adding mine as well, check out this guide on understanding and using audio compression


Check out musicradar, they got some free pretty collection


Woo dats hot. :recordingcrew:

EDIT: Ghosthack has a month long free sample releasing special till the 24th, every day 1 free sample pack



Cymatics giveaway only for the next 16hours!


Awesome thanks for that!!
Grabbed the Boomin’ 808s pack and the Strangers Vintage pack


I grabbed the Drums bundle and FX bundle, around 150$ worth of samples for free!


Promo ended. :crying:


yeah… that’s why I put “only for the next 16hours!”


My Exsision inspired sample pack is almost ready :cornstrobe:


I’m happy to say that my week long project is finished! I give you JiveNation’s Inspired Heavy Bass Vol1. took a while, but it was fun. Download link:
(.wav format and in a .zip file :wink: )

20 basslines 42 One-shots and totally unplanned 5 bonus drum & percussive loops, Enjoy!


what a time to be alive


There is this nice free synth called Charlatan, its really nice, simple, nice HD gui and not cpu extensive. Highly recommend this synth;


Cymatics are giving away a guitar sample pack for free for a limited time.

So to help you take your music to the next level, we hired a professional session guitarist with over a decade of experience to record high quality guitar loops in a variety of different genres.
In the “Vibrations” Guitar Sample Pack, you’ll find Pop, Hip Hop, Chill, Reggae, and even Metal guitar loops that cover every key and a variety of different tempos.



Making a huge collection of Serum presets for a wide variety of electronic music (e.g. Dubstep, Trap EDM), should be done in a few days :typing:


200th post yay!

Anyways is 50 Serum presets enough to count as a mega pack? Or should I go for 100?

Would like some feedback…