Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)


idk what yours sound like tbh, but quality > quantity


Just a progress report, my preset pack is 86% done


53 free analog synth bass samples from popular synths…

Single oscillator waveforms to add filters and envelopes to…


Layer two waveforms and detune for Reeses…


How did I do on this pack cover? :wink:

Finally finished! :corndance:

Inside: 100 Xfer Serum patches (v1.2) (71 bass patches, 6 FX patches, 4 lead patches, 6 pluck patches, 6 Sequenced patches, 6 Synth patches)

Presets suitable for: Future Bass, Dubstep, Riddim Dubstep, EDM, House, Deep Dubstep, Grime

Size - 23.9Mb Form - .zip file, presets in .fxp format


(would be awesome if you gave me feedback on the quality of my sound design)

JiveNation's Serum Preset & Sample Repository

This app used to be subscription only but they added some free servers: allows you to stream live & DJ sets with a shareable link.


This is a pretty big giveaway for very little effort. Follow some accounts and tag some producers.
If anyone gets a random @ from me on instagram, this will be why…


Grizzly Baddums on bandcamp…