Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)



Yeah it’s pretty nice. Was playing around with it and came up with this


I recently checked out the Tokyo Dawn Recordings free plugins. These things are amazing, especially the Nova dynamic eq, it’s a life saver on poorly recorded or mixed material… just mixed an album with fucked up upright bass and we used nova on every bass track on the album. Would have had to ask for them to re record the bass if I didn’t have this plug. The compressor is great too, absurdly transparent with a dual stage release


Yeah, I picked up that Tokyo Dawn EQ. It sounds really good. I got it via a recommendation from a Dave Pensado video.


Thanks for the tip, grabbed em

It’s pretty insane how much high quality free stuff is out there.



old gaming console samples for the most part

an archive of drum loops

and for everyone who wants to spice it up with old school jungle breaks (some downloads broken sadly)


Hi, please can you add to your list?

Lots of free audio samples and loops there. :grinning:


Here are over 50 Free Drum Kits


‘Hard House’ sample pack I uploaded for a couple of Ninjas;


Interesting channel strip plug, free:


100% free eurorack modular emulation, based on the real-life module source codes. For both windows and mac:


Man, that looks pretty cool. Between Reaktor 6 Blocks and Arturia Modular V, I think I have enough software modular synths to explore at the moment but I’m probably going to check this out anyways.


Yeah loving reaktor 6 blocks rn


Yeah, it is pretty awesome.

I haven’t even really gotten under the hood yet. Just been using the pre-built blocks. I have just upgraded to Reaktor 6 a few months ago.


Exactly the same here, only upgraded recently and well impressed with the factory stuff


Yeah I have Reaktor 6 with blocks as well, have downloaded a lot from the user library etc, but tbf I’m finding that the patching and layout gets confusing at times, which is why I prefer this kind of “front panel” solutions. Also fun with software which more or less models the physical hardware 100%.


The Audible instruments and Befaco caught my eye among everything else. The interface looks nice as well. It will be nice when they get that VST bridge. I’m going to install it tonight.


It reminds me a bit of an iOS modular app I have. Wonder if there’s any relation or shared sourcecode.

(heh! My review is one of the two shown on the App Store link there.)


Short initial review.

I made a sound.

Instructions are very sparse.

When you unzip the folder of the other plugins, you must copy the folder within the folder over the plugins folder.

Very high CPU cycles. My fan was blastin’ all the time.

I have a moderate setup. My laptop is a gaming laptop with Intel I7 quad core processors running 8 GB of RAM on Windows 10.

I need to learn way more about modular synthesis.