Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)


I agree, the instructions are sparse and the installation instructions are cryptic if you do not know what you’re doing. Yes it’s pretty intensive afaik. I have 16gbs of ram and 2,7ghz i7 and i’m experiencing the same fan blasting.

This is often the most frustrating about everything. I had a small euro system a couple of months back which I had to sell off because of $$$ so this software is a godsend.


off topic but what was your modular set up? just curious. been slowly (very slowly since im p scared) planning a small modular rig myself


It was a small 6U system containing mostly MakeNoise modules, some random utillity stuff bought from the modular synth trades europe facebook group, combined with an Arturia BeatStep Pro. It was a lot of fun but I started to realize I didn’t really have the money to get things in the direction I wanted. Think I spent almost $2000 in total before I sold it all.33

But tbf it was a lot of fun, and had I had the money I’d without a doubt pursue this more.


It actually sounded pretty nice. I just had a simple circuit set up for testing purposes. I just used the Fundamental instruments and had an oscillator going to a Lowpass filter going to the audio module and a CV to pitch from the MIDI module to play it with my keyboard.

The only thing that worried me was my fan constantly going off. I had Task Manager open and it didn’t seem like the CPU was too high but the fan kept going at full speed.


grab Speed Fan and check out your cpu and system temps,


Both so simple but useful, they get used in every project.

…& my free mastering offer here of course :slight_smile:


For the Ableton users who wants some MutableInstruments module action:


The list is coming on but feels empty with out new loops free sample packs - Free Sample Packs


VCV just released a drum seq…


Here is some free boards of canada style lo-fi style samples and loops:


Here’s a small list of indie plugins/modules for VCV as well.


looks useful for those who use a combination of DAW and outboard hardware


Fab Filter Pro R give away…jump through social media hoops for the chance to win a free copy


erhm okay HAVOC okay cheers


Also looks like there’s a new update coming to VCVRack later today, with better menues, sorting and stuff like that.



How do you get the third party modules to show up?

ie the non fundamental ones like the Audible Instruments.


Are you on mac or pc?
I had issues with getting them to show up, but after updating to the latest (0.3.2) version, and trying a different combination of closing the application, adding new plugins, running the program again, hitting refresh plugins after logging in etc. they finally showed up.
So idk, I don’t have a clear guide. Just trial and error. :badteeth:


I’m on a PC.

This software is buggy as shit. Not really confident in it. I downloaded 0.3.2 and the external modules weren’t showing up.

I downloaded the new 0.4.0 version and my antivirus was throwing up flags.

I like the concept though.


I got it working with the 0.4.0 version after my AV decided it wasn’t a threat. With the exception of the e-series module which will not work.

I started working on a simple patch this weekend until I got a thumb cramp and my hand stopped working for awhile.