Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)



Here’s an official page with all known third party plugins so far:


I got the E series module working. I downloaded a new version that works with the rack.

I wanted to make sure that I got all of the core modules working before trying to install any third party ones.

Does anyone have any resources for making modular patches? I’ve made a simple one that I based of instructions from which is basically a MIDI module -> multiplier -> Oscillator -> Filter -> EG (filter) -> EG (amplitude) -> Amplitude -> output.


When I was exploring modular synthesis I basically watched a tonne of youtube tutorials to learn the ins and outs of the different modules I was looking into buying. Same with the ones that I wanted but never could afford, i.e the Mutable Instruments modules. Since everything is modular and relative to what you want to accomplish, I think the first thing one would think of is something along the lines of; do I want it to be musical, or do I want a fun and explorative noise machine? For inspiration I recommend binging on modular videos on youtube, a good place to start is Mylarmelodies.

Imo the best way, at least to achieve something that’s not your “run of the mill synth”, like you are explaining, is thinking backwards. What modules interested you the most? What happens if you connect this cable in a place where it isn’t meant to? Etc.etc. I’ve spent an awful lot of time just exploring, watching videos and trying back and forth.


I downloaded the VultModules last night among a few others. I verified that they are working but have not made a patch with them yet. I’m still trying to do simple signal flows to get the process down. I forgot to save the patch that I had started earlier so I’m starting over. It is good practice though.

VCV Rack really is some cool software. It seems like they ironed out some of the kinks in the 0.4.0 version. It still drives my laptop fan wild though. I’m glad people are actively developing modules for it. It is nice that it is open source.

I love Reaktor Blocks; it sounds really good but this is a lot more intuitive for making patches. Everything is patched from the front like on a hardware modular synth.


Yeah, I wish I had like 3 or 4 fully free days and a quarter of high grade concentration to fully dive into this beast.




This little plate reverbs looks like it might be really cool. I’m liking all of the other Soundtoys effects. Too bad I can’t download it; their server is maxed out.


Looks fun and the demos sound fantastic. Went ahead and did a Google search for iLok and it spews up a shitty town in my country, FFS :lol_og:


The Soundtoys plugins sound amazing. If you think that are ever going to get any of the other plugins you should get this. It will be a part of the Soundtoys 5 bundle.

Last year they released the Sie-EQ for free. Then the next spring they had a spring sale and I was able to upgrade to the whole bundle for a really good price because I had one of the plugins included in the bundle. I think I paid $169 while the bundle is usaully $499.

I really wanted it for the EchoBoy delay which is usually $199 just by itself but everything else is amazing as well. I always see their ads in Tape Op.


Alright, was not into iLok but the way you nancies go off about it lol


I really dislike iLok’s but Soundtoys doesn’t require a USB dongle, it is just software. Eventide have started using software too.

I refuse to use a hardware dongle. I have a Lexicon reverb I can’t use because of that.


:lebebe: :broken_heart:


Holy fuck, I just went on an hour long ambient journey with Little Plate, Primal Tap and Ableton’s Electric.



This free multiband distortion vst is cool as fuck.

Also there’s a filter thats cool it’s called Naivelpf and can be also found on the same site as ^


tried little plate yesterday and it sounds awesome :corndance:


public beta of U-He’s Repro-5