Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)


Oh and this madness @knobgoblin


Wish I were at a computer


wtf, those multitracks…


Yeah. Pretty insane.


Had to download JB and KC. Plus VH Jump.


Grab them and archive a few before someone realizes what they have done


Sadly unable to - my workhorse storage ended with the sudden loss of my job a few weeks ago. Need a new machine and some decent storage.


One of you ninjas needs to TOFTT! I know at least one of you has a half empty multi-terabyte drive…


I archived the limp bizkit stems :peel:


I have archived Foreigner’s Urgent.

Not really, just downloaded it.


You actually learn a lot from these things.

I was like, where’s the sax? Well, it is bounced down to the keyboard track, It is interesting to hear the reverbs and effects applied to the final track.


Dude, so sorry to hear that. Let’s get together next week


count me in as well if theres room for another sadboi on the session


All sadbois at knobdungeon stat


I’ve got a bunch of non-limp bizkit stems uploaded to my drive account as well for a starting point or sommat, some gully drum programming etc

Or just another beer and synth jam sesh :slight_smile:


You guys are awesome. :grouphug:


Oh gosh, I downloaded Europe’s Final Countdown just for the synth line.

The drums actually sound sort of cool.



Indeed, already resampled the snare from the intro fill. Big up ronzlo!



remember that time @_ronzlo got the entire dsf production section into a legal battle for sampling? oh wait, thats next week


Anyone know any good plugins for spring reverb? Preferably free or if not then the cheaper the better