Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)


I’ve used with ok results. Not the greatest but not the worst. Add a little subtle chorusing or moving filter to get it to sound more slinky.


Best one i tried is the soft tube one, not free tho


I’ll have to check that out, I was looking at Overloud Springage as well and that looked alright


aaah yeah I do have that but haven’t been able to get it sounding great, the best way I’ve found is using it parallel so that I can still have some dryness, even if I use it as a send I run it in parallel with a regular reverb as it sounds a lot more organic that way, I’ll try adding some chorus and filtering to see if that smooth it out a bit


There is a free phaser from Native Instruments right now:


I finally got it registered and installed today due to previous network issues.


Biggest problem with phasers is frequency response range ime- if this is controllable ebough to be used on bass tho I’m interested.


Try it out and report back!



So I figured out how to get a decent sounding spring reverb for free, downloaded Knufinke SIR1 which is a free convolution reverb plugin and I loaded it up with a bunch of spring impulse responses I got off, it sounds like a proper spring reverb and it didn’t cost a thing, awwwww yis!


I’ve been trying to find decent spring reverb impulses, also on freesound, post some links please :smiley:


This is the one I use the most though, I cut it up into 9 separate impulses and then bounced them as mono (they are hard panned alternating left and right in this clip)




Anyone with an iPad - this is free today, normally costs $25.


Can anyone recommend a good reverb vst.
I’m not sure whether it’s my inexperience in using them, but the one I currently use just makes everything sound kind of metallic-y regardless of the settings.
(Spring reverb is not my thing so don’t worry about anything that does that)

Also I’m looking for a nice echo unit vst.

I’m using Reaper BTW if that make any difference…


Since you’re posting this in the free thread, I assume you’re looking for something free.

Good free reverb is hard to find. In fact, I didn’t like most of the digital reverb vst’s for a long time so I created an external effect rack in Ableton that sent the signal to a hardware Lexicon reverb that I have.

I finally bought a reverb vst. My first attempt, I miscalculated (didn’t fully read the requirements) and bought a Lexicon reverb vst which requires a physical iLok which I refuse to use. I still have that license if anyone has a hardware iLok.

Then I bought an Eventide Ultrareverb vst than only required a software iLok. I’ve been pleased with it so far. I’m really picky about reverbs.

Maybe someone else has a good suggestion.


Yeah free for now while I get to grips with things


TAL Reverb 2 is decent and free, I normally just use Ableton’s stock reverb but sometimes if I want to switch it up TAL does the trick


i use Tal-Reverb 4 (very simple interface, light on CPU) and Epicverb (more options, still quite light on CPU) as my bread and butter reverbs.

Sanford Reverb sounds a bit better than the previous two, but it’s a bit more fiddly and heavier on CPU.

try those 3 they are decent free reverb options.
Soundtoys Little Plate sounds great, but it’s paid, i grabbed it for free when they were giving it out over xmas


I still have that license if anyone has a hardware iLok.

I’ve got an ilok, what reverb is it exactly?