Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)


It’s a Lexicon MPX Native. It’s not Lexicon’s top of the line reverbs but it is still a $100 dollar reverb and a Lexicon. My hardware Lexicon MPX sounds nice. I wish I could use it but don’t want to fork out more money for an iLok. All my other software has moved to software authentication rather than a hardware dongle.


U want to sell it then?


Yeah, I will send you a PM.


I use Epicverb as well. OrilRiver is cool, but haven’t really got through it yet. I’m not very picky about reverbs, just scroll through the presets and maybe change a few bits lol.
@sleepwalk_1980 maybe a good realistic option would be to just use a convolution reverb plugin and add impulses (sampled sounds of reverbs etc.) which aren’t too hard to find for free, check out freesound.


This is what I do for spring reverbs using SIR1 which is also free (though OP said he’s not into springs)


Never even heard of this. Just checked it out, this is awesome many thanks!!
Found a beautiful cathedral IR that I’ll probably just use on everything forever :slight_smile:

It’s Win32 so it won’t run on my MacBP?




ah, didn’t know you had a mac.


Yeah I’m one of those people


try some of these then

i used to use ambience, but when i tried ir recently it just didn’t click


upped some IRs to my dropbox…


Bigups man, was in dire need of some good IR’s
BTW, everyone should try Google Drive, 15gbs free if I recall. Dropbox wouldn’t let me delete stuff after filling up the 2gb quota…


Oh wow!


You’re a badman for finding that photek pack again! Literally saved 100 odd projects of mine from a few years back!
We haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I got love for you bro!


LIES, my eyes are fine

no prob dude :bluethumb:!







Found a nice sample on freesound.
Female “woah-yeah baby mm-mmm uh huh yeah yeah” tyoe thing.
Clean & autotuned.