Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)


Hey, here is a free vocal sample pack from me:

FREE - MINI Bundle Pack (230 MB)

Hope you find it useful and enjoy!


more free stuff - free samples packs


For those looking for a sample slicer (especially after seeing someone say that seemed incredibly overlaborious lol.)

Looks like it has a lot in common with my favorite sampler-instrument, ReSlice on iOS. My review of it on the App Store is at the top. :stuck_out_tongue:


BBC archive


^ that’s a classic

Ok, so not sure if this is net non-neutrality bidness or what but when I try to DL the installer for PolyGas 2.2 (freeware granular synth) I get domain blockage messages out the ass, can’t VPN around it yet.

Anybody here have the .zip file and can post it up somewhere for me please?


7 synth chords I made.
Sort of an underwater boopy submarine ping sound.