Free stuff, (plugins, samples, etc.)


Hey, here is a free vocal sample pack from me:

FREE - MINI Bundle Pack (230 MB)

Hope you find it useful and enjoy!


more free stuff - free samples packs


For those looking for a sample slicer (especially after seeing someone say that seemed incredibly overlaborious lol.)

Looks like it has a lot in common with my favorite sampler-instrument, ReSlice on iOS. My review of it on the App Store is at the top. :stuck_out_tongue:


BBC archive


^ that’s a classic

Ok, so not sure if this is net non-neutrality bidness or what but when I try to DL the installer for PolyGas 2.2 (freeware granular synth) I get domain blockage messages out the ass, can’t VPN around it yet.

Anybody here have the .zip file and can post it up somewhere for me please?


7 synth chords I made.
Sort of an underwater boopy submarine ping sound.




Have you tried this?


I haven’t personally but recall a couple of metal pals of mine saying they used it, which seems odd since its touted as an R&B groove ting.


Installing it right now. I will let you know.


Here is my review from this afternoon:


I like some of the fills… the hat dynamics are nice too. Not sure if it’s a go-to for every track. What do you think?


I just loaded that thing and played. Didn’t mess with a thing. There’s a bunch of pre-set rhythms on it which I wasn’t interested in at all.

Found the single hits and just jammed.

I think it will be useful. I was kind of wanting something like this. Was looking at Addictive Drums a bit. I liked what I heard on my first jam.

Edit: I did run it through my own compression chain. I think I used a LA-2A emulation compressor.


I think if you are looking for a real sounding drum kit it is useful. It will be interesting to combine it with other drums and whatnot.


Can I post the loops and samples I create here? Or is this just for like samples and loops from companies?


you def can post your own creations here, but to keep things clean please try to upload them as a package so its not just a bunch of posts with single samples/loops


@cyclopian Ok, thanks.



So this is something I could DL and use via midi?
I need some synths. Just using samples is LOOONG.