Free Tracks

Keep this thread going. Broke dudes unite.

Trying to make dubstep tracks now, been doing future for awhile.

I bring you the copyleft dubstep, drumpstep and melodic dubstep playlists I probably most use for my own creations:

Reviving this thread with one of my favourites: Icicle and Youngsta - Momentum

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Hey Fam, we appreciate any support and feedback. Check out our soundcloud/facebook/insta/twitter and send some good vibes. Our music is free to download, so if you DJ grab em and spin em.

Al little bit late on posting this release, but here is a compilation of deep dubs and dnb from myself(Altron), Rez, jWire, Krudkutter and a few others in the STL music scene. Enjoy the chunes guys!!!


Cluekid & Cotti - The Legacy V.I.P
Cluekid & Cotti - Sensi dub
4free :mrweed: :mrweed: :mrweed:

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May as well put this here…

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escalation of chaos A+

Here’s some freebies

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Damn Deep Heads freebie? Yessss so much