Frost Effect - Hymnal (Plate of Toast Remix)

got around to finishing this, fellas

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You got pretty fucked up industrial sound in there. Great I really enjoy them.

I like to go in binary way. The + The -. More clear.

The + :

  • You have a great energy in there. The compression is well handled. Very well indeed.
  • The mix is clear and all element hard worked on. I like the precision.

The - :

  • The intro (even if its really good produced) bother me in some. I’ll explain you why. It make me think like back in the 70’s when Boudhism and Orient became popular (Beattles & co Philipp Glass, the doors, Rolling stone). Occident tried to appropriate oriental music and particularly melodies without in most case dig hard enough into it to understand it. Another example there :
    Oriental music (wherever in orient. Beeing China, Indian, north Africa …) is really going deep into ornament in melodies and scales do are linked to something more philosophic. So I think if you use oriental like melody you should dig into it. But I bet not so many think like me. But hey, that only my opinion.

  • The different of dynamics in the track between dub step stuff and other.

But what I remember of this is more the industrial like sounds that I really enjoyed. I do not ask you how you did that or what synth because I see no point on this ! Great job !!!

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Hey Alfredo!

For me, the track starts really well but the bass you decided put on the drop just simply doesn’t flow, creates to much tension and doesn’t make me wanna bounce to this. Gotta say though, the start was super cool and in fact I would love to make a remix of this!!

What DAW do you use? If it’s Ableton then that would be super awesome since then I could make a remix on what you’ve done because I still think that the start was super great but the drop kinda ruins the whole thing (only the bass sound you chose really).

I hope this feedback helped you out, peace :smiley:

Wow, this is great! It’s a bit hard for my taste, but It’s better than anything I can make lol

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The vocal sample didn’t have any real pitch/ didn’t fall into any scale, so i tried looking at the frequencies to mimic the melody. So blame the sample, lmao. As for dynamics, it might have been a slight attachment to the song where i didn’t wanna do too much different. But thanks man!

Ableton, you say?, maybe we can work on something soon m8

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that would be fantastic!!! Whenever you are ready to make something awesome just send me an email. Just go on my soundcloud profile and my email is on the bio!