Funk / Disco / Boogie


might do this every 1st monday from now on


this isnt funk disco or boogie but it pretty much sums up my feelings while looking for it on discogs


Here’s a Boogie Funk mix I did a while back:



dank bassline



I just got this last week.

I have literally been looking for this for years.

I knew it was a Leroy Burgess joint because his voice and production is unmistakable, but I could not find this tune.

Turns out it from the rapper Kool Kyle, I was looking for the instrumental.


Leroy also handed it over to Fonda Rae but I really really like the Kool Kyle version.



ive heard the fat rat version but never that one!

sounds better actually

but that dude ray velazquez “mixed” the fonda rae ver

hes got some discogs credits that are steamers

like this

& that lex 14 days tune i posted a few days ago


One of my jams!!



drums/bass at 50 seconds in ughhh








As it happens I bought a copy of her self titled album ‘Patrice’ a month or so ago. She is gr8