G.Don - The Lost (Deep / Dubstep)


New one, soundcloud gave it some weird artifacts, can’t hear em in the 320 :frowning:

Lookin for feedback, as always!

*I’ll be making a small free EP sometime in august with a bunch of the more popular songs (remastered) on my cloud plus a few new ones including this.

nice, you got that original moody feeling proper old school

Stanky_J, been a while m8!

Thanks alot for the feedback man!

Good atmosphere. Felt the snare was snapping a little high in the mix, and that the drum programming in the final section could have done with a bit more variation.

Yeah the entire mix on soundcloud is a bit muddled because the snare and bass are a fair bit quieter on my end, I have no idea why lol. The 320 of it sounds a LOT better! :frowning:

I’ll throw in some extra drum variation for the free ep version!

Probably because you’ve got some compression on your track, and then Soundcloud’s algorithm has then re-compressed it when it uploads.