Gear Lust Part 7

wow an xzibit meme. that’s a throwback

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m̶o̶l̶d̶y̶ ̶o̶l̶d̶i̶e̶


Metaclassical Memery

I really want a Rhodes, Vibraphone and electric drum kit.

Money me


Rane Seventy just released:

Rane teamed up with DJ Craze for an absolutely epic routine video, which opens with one of the most relatable #DJproblems of all time: a club goer requesting a specific Drake song while Craze is DJing an all-Drake night:

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New Pioneer thing as well


4 band EQ anyone?



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Fuuuuuck me that’s fucking rad. Thanks for giving me another thing to lust over lol.

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Interesting that the MoTU isn’t mentioned here. The new RME and Audient numbers look nice tho.

What do you guys think is the best all round drum machine for under £500?

The Behringer RD-8 which is a remake of the TR-808 seems pretty boss but I’m waiting for the RD-9 which is the clone of the 909.

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Yeah that looks dope, I’d want the 9 too. Any idea on the release date? google is saying September 2019 lol

Everyone is waiting on the 909. I was tempted with the 808 but I’m buying the 909.

Also, that Behringer Pro-1 is so nice!! The envelopes are so tight and snappy. I almost like it more than the Boog but they are completely different.

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Nice, ill have a look. I’m window shopping hard atm :lol_og:

Haven’t touched anything musical in about 3 years now but just got a new yard so building up a studio again & I actually have disposable income this time round :sunglasses:



I love the layout of the Vermona DRM1 for just really simple individual drum design but I’d like something with a sequencer as well :confused:

I could get one of the cheaper korg models i suppose or i do like the feel of the roland sequencers so maybe a second hand tr626, can get them for like £100 on ebay