Gear Lust Part 7

It was $149 plus tax from Sweetwater so it came out $160 something.

I had been using my Akai APC mini for fader duties but the fader throw is so small. I supplemented it with knobs from an Arturia MiniLab MK2 and my old Korg Nano Kontrol that I bought in 2007 but when that stopped working with Windows 10 (sort of fixed it but not the software) that was the final straw.

So got some money for my b-day (which is tomorrow), so now I’m looking for new gear.
Been droolin’ over the Push 2 for some time now, but seeing how I purchased a second hand APC40 MK1 a couple of months back I can’t really justify it.

This being said I do find that going back and forth between the Digitakt/APC combo and my computer to look for sounds feels at times very tedious, so when I think about it a Push 2 kind of makes more sense.

Buuuut, also would love to get some more hardware synths, just because more buttons are nice.
I.e Behringer Neutron, TD-3, x0xb0x mk2 etc.

@knobgoblin @cyclopian You’re both mainly using hardware, right? Any experience with mentioned synths, or any other input?

The Neutron looks sexy, been eyeing it lately. Think I’d prefer it over any of the clones they have out features-wise. Bit tired of my Microbrute and Monologue tbh but haven’t pulled the trigger on selling either. I’d like to have a nice mono and a poly, not decided on the poly yet, and cant spare the money atm. Definitely selling my System-1 cause I’m just not a huge fan now compared to what’s out lately. Anyways haven’t used any of the ones you’ve mentioned myself

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Maybe sell off the apc and get the Push 2?

Sounds like it might your best bet in terms of workflow.


Seems like it yeah, even though I’d love not having to be dependent on a computer to make music - in the long term at least.

I got the Bro-1 a few days ago and it is nice!! It sounds really good which is why I bought it.


this looks lovely mmmmmmmm

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I’m tumescent

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That Modal Argon though…



wow an xzibit meme. that’s a throwback

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m̶o̶l̶d̶y̶ ̶o̶l̶d̶i̶e̶


Metaclassical Memery

I really want a Rhodes, Vibraphone and electric drum kit.

Money me


Rane Seventy just released:

Rane teamed up with DJ Craze for an absolutely epic routine video, which opens with one of the most relatable #DJproblems of all time: a club goer requesting a specific Drake song while Craze is DJing an all-Drake night:

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New Pioneer thing as well


4 band EQ anyone?