Gear Lust Part 7


What kind of Klipsch’s are those?


Heresy II.

Had a pair of cornwalls for about a year, been lusting after those horn mids ever since.

Next up, amp upgrade. I’m fucked


Welp I lost the auction on the heresy’s (Im kinda glad) been looking into the KG4s though since they are much more affordable and their size will work a little better in my room. Who was it has a pair of these? @mks was that you?

Idk if you’ve ever heard the cornwalls/heresy but if so, any comparison with the kg4 would be much appreciated.


Yes, that was me. I have not heard the Cornwalls or Heresy speakers but the KG4’s will absolutely shake your whole apartment. Your whole building even.


want want want

i would want these at a gig projected on screen live
that and nerf gatling guns

I've watched this approximately one bajillion

— Emily Heller (@MrEmilyHeller) 20. juli 2017


speaker hunt continues, looking at some heresy wedges now



Can anyone think of something similar to a marimba but lower in tone or deeper sounding ?


timestretched marimba?



but im trying to be a physical boy

looking for the term for a super big marimba

gangster stuff here




omg^^ , exactly!

prolly expensive af

this is cool too imo


dammit not gonna sleep before i get a balafon


just get this bad bwoy

Cross between a marimba and a balafon - grand marimba already VST’d up


will ahve to do for a while


or this lol


Between the Scarlett Solo and 2i4, is the addition of midi i/o worth the extra $100?

EDIT: this is confusing af. I’m seeing people bitching about quality of the pre’s, overall sound w/ Scarletts (lack of presence, brittle highs) - and how the actual fuck does Behringer have usb boxes that get higher ratings for less money?!?!

_**PreSonus looks p nice too, although I'd like more i/o**_


#O Lords of Gear, help a poor shmo decide. :praise: :mage: :computer:

Steinberg is the front runner now


king tubby’s mixing desk


Hey ninja’s,

Would this subwoofer meet my need for more bass?

Please advise.


Yeah, that would meet your needs for more bass but what are you going to be using it for?


A 1400 watt 15" sub will definitely get you there for home listening :mrgreen:
It’s probably too much, unless your music room is big. Like really big.

A lot of subs ‘for monitoring’ equip a woofer around half that size.