Gear Lust Part 7


Looks like Elektron’s new device is an entry level sample based groovebox to compete with the Volca/electribe/boutique range. 6 tracks that can either be sample playback channels or midi sequencer channels. Simplified UI and workflow. Battery power as an option. $400



this is looking really cool so far (one knob per function :gunfinger: ), can’t wait for a more in depth video on the feature set.


This vid goes through the workflow a bit and shows almost everything.


Wow. Just wow…


is this analog signal path but with a fully integrated vst front end to control it? or am i reading this incorrectly?


I think so. The name would suggest 16 channels, mono I’m sure but linkable


I bet it’s a bunch of good VCA’s and crossover filters all configured and controlled by software. Looks like several flavors of compression, gating, transient designers, multipleband processing, saturation and distortion. Hoping it has internal routing so you can stack channels from the plugin interface.


Yeah, I’m really curious to see how this thing works and sounds (and the price of course)

Seems like an awesome idea though.



Reckon this is any good? I’m thinking about buying a midi keyboard with some extra controllers on to save buying on other stuff


oooooooo arturia comin with the yeet, my only gripe is the touch strip keys


personally never used one but it looks pretty awesome. I like the semi wieghted keys/ all the controls/ and inputs are on the side. I also like the arturia keylab 61 but idont think the keys are weighted on that.




finally got around to watching this, im really tempted actually, looks simple to get to terms with quickly but deep in the right ways for what i want a drum box for


I’m still thinking about the Digitakt, especially since they finally released the Overbridge for it.

Now there’s this.


the older roland and edirol midi keyboards were solid as fuck, if the new ones are anything like that then they’re built to last and probably some of the best you can get


You know this new box doesn’t offer Overbridge right?

Aside from the lack of audio in it looks like a sweet unit tho. I don’t think that’s really a showstopper when weighed against the overall feature set and price.


Yeah, that is why I am still thinking of the Digitakt.

It seems like a cool little drum machine though but at $400 I would probably just save up the $250 more for the Digitakt.

The one knob per function is pretty cool.


this is really the big one for me

played around with a digitakt for a bit a few months ago and it made me just wish i was using ableton instead. I know the elektron boxes all require some serious effort in terms of learning them, so Im sure I would get along with it a lot better if I actually had the time to, but on first impression I wasnt having much fun.