[Gear Talk] Basic gear for Dubstep production?


I used to think that the only way to get some great growls and snarling sounds is with a plug-in like massive… :confused_og:

Now I think in a different way. :bluethumb:

This is the NI Komplete Select 11 I see:

So FL 11 has plenty to make some decent dubstep with (at least for starters)? :thinking:



I lack special training in music. However I would love some! :hooray:

I really love the harmonic scale and arabic/egyptian sounds, but I do love all styles. :heart_exclamation:

It sounds fun to try my hand at creation with many different genres and styles to see what I prefer most! :earth_americas:

I’ve never been to college yet… I am about go into monastery life for a tic, but I will be able to create there. :jointbounce:

So I am in a point of collection with tools at the moment. :computer:

I plan to get an external hard-drive that I can download a bunch of youtube tuts with, because where I’ll be is outside the internet. :lol_og:



I am a fast learner. :nerd:

Plus, this is my life’s priority. :innocent: :thumbsup:

I’ve been a traveler for the pasts 3 years of my life for connection with spirit. :praise:

Now I am in a stage where I can work more materially with my goals. :typing:

It’s a real blessing to be here, and to finally connect with others in this craft. :pimpin:

Everyone here has tremendous knowledge paired with their own unique preferences. :sunny:

It’s a true treat to receive the guidance and expertise that others have striven so passionately to cultivate. In this sense our acceleration as a species is multiplied in the realms of creation. To me, that’s the blessing of the human endeavor. To be able to learn with each other for the welfare of the whole. :smile_og:

Thanks again all! :adios:



That price is actually pretty decent for what you get. That’s about what I paid for Massive by itself a few years ago. When you said NI Komplete I thought you meant the one that costs near a grand.

Buy the DAW first and get some plugins and samples going though. There’s a load of threads here with links and downloads. There’s way too many quality free plugins and samples to list though I’m sure everyone agrees that you can never go wrong with these:




I’ve always been fond of the Antress bundle…

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I like the Variety of Sound VST’s but they are not 64 bit though.

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Idk about all this stuff I literally have apair of 45 quid headphones (albeit pretty good 45 quid headphones) and a laptop with reason 5 on it that works for me.

Swap out reason for abelton or FL studio and ur sweet



I would definitely advise you stick to the stock plugins or freeware in beginning and buy VSTs when you actually know (why) you want them.
Don’t pirate that stuff.

As for the DAW, happy Reaper user here, has good licensing model, tons of options, handy routing capabilities, bridges 32-bit vsts automatically and other good stuff. Might have a bit of a learning curve, but not sure it’s different to any other DAWs, when i tried FL it was a bit of a headfuck for me.



@Samuel_L_Damnson and you win contests and generally run shit so fuck you and your 45 quid cans, smug bastard. ( :wink: )

re: Reaper vs. other DAWs - well said. FL used to be really basic back when it was Fruity but it has its own semi-complicated workflow now that doesn’t really port over easily to another approach - most DAWs are like that these days - and Reaper’s learning curve is practically self-explanatory compared to, say, Logic or PT (imo).

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Ooooh shit! Reaper is a good shout just get that it’s free until u wanna buy it!

Honestly my point is if u get used to any monitoring set up u can get results. People use those fucking awful ns10s in studios and make good mixes.



Yep, not busting yer chops (too much). The deal with NS10’s is mix translation: if you can get it sounding good on those pieces of shit, it’ll sound good on anything.



Yea I suppose but nothing sounds good on those tbh.

My point is u don’t need load of stuff to make music at all.

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NS10s (NS10M usually, the horizontal pro models) were pretty much always paired up with the Bryston 4B amp in every studio which is what made the package complete and since they were so ubiquitous people could mix their music all over the world easier and quicker. It’s kind of like why every major studio has a Pro Tools+Cubase+Logic setup with the same flagship plugins installed these days.

Does your DAW not have a 32-64 bit bridge? Most should these days and 32bit plugins should work fine. I’ve not had a problem myself. He likely doesn’t see a need to work on x64 versions due to them being just FX plugins and not needing access to more RAM and not enough people are hitting the maximum ~4GB project size of 32bit DAWs to justify the work on free plugins.



No, there is no bridge program native to Ableton Live unfortunately.

I’ve been meaning to pickup JBridge which should work, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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Gear wise, you can get away with lots. FL Studio provides AISO4ALL which allows the program to borrow processing power from other areas to maintain a constant flow of audio in playback if your projects start to get audio tearing. The main thing you need is software…whether that be VSTs, or if you’re on other daws, other plug in formats… but a high tier computer is also very beneficial. Make sure you have a sound card, or if you dont want to buy one and put it in yourself, buy an external audio processor, like an apollo twin, or something lower in price perhaps. I dont know about anything past FL9, because I’m on it myself, but as far as I know… the x64 versions of FL studio allow up to 4gb of ram allocation, and the x86 versions allow only 2gb. Bridging your plug-ins goes a long way as well (if they’re not native to FL studio).

If you want, I can give you a list of great synths and post processing plugins and do my best to explain what they do (if you dont understand already).

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I def. am interested in that, esp. in plugins for post processing. (using ableton)

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Wow I didn’t know they hadn’t included one yet, that’s surprising. Live seems like one of the DAWs where they prefer you to use their own workflow and plugins though, similar to Reason. At least that’s the impression I’ve gotten every time I’ve used Live which is why I can never get used to it.

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Here’s a general n00b question:

What is the best type of audio interface? :confused_og:

Also, does it affect the sound quality?:neutral_face:

Thanks for all the replies everyone!