[Gear Talk] What are the minimal requirements for Dubstep creation?


Thank you very much for the link my friend!




It’s also all based on the quarter note convention of western and popular (western) structure so you may chafe one day.

For now it’s all you need to know.


My setup is incredibly stripped down right now.

I’ve gone from:-

Treated room, K&HO300’s + Benchmark DAC1, UAD, Midi-Keyboard, Outboard compression etc


Laptop, mixing through laptop speakers and switching to HD600 headphones, basic plugins

That being said my laptop is pretty powerful (16gb RAM, 2.5GHZ Quad) which I absolutely need with the amount of tracks and processing I use but monitoring wise I’m quite happy with my HD600’s and not having to worry about the room.

If I were to speak to my younger self (presumably through some time travel phone) I would recommend decent headphones from the word go and just make sure the computer is powerful for your workflow. Even if it isn’t powerful enough there are ways to get around it (bouncing, freezing tracks, stemming)


I work on a laptop and headphones too

After working in a recording studio I realised that gear makes no difference if ur music isn’t good. A lot of very shit bands passed thru and even though they had a fairchild and la2a etc on everything they still sounded like shit.

I do need new cans tho I keep putting it off


Yeah man, I fell into the trap of “My music is shit because I don’t have XYZ” and I guess to a certain extent that’s what companies need you to believe for you to keep buying their stuff.

I’m not saying that good equipment isn’t great, used in the right place it can really improve things, just that well if your tunes aren’t being signed etc it’s not because you didn’t have an SSL comp with API eq on every channel, it was probably just that you had a shit tune :slight_smile:


Greetings Fam! :wave: :smile:

After some research and worldly alignment I’ve finally set my sights on what I deem a decent laptop! :smile:

Here are the Specs:

~7th Gen Intel Core i5


The link:

As you can see this is a pretty affordable laptop for a new producer. :blush:

My question is: Are there better laptops for the money out there? :slight_smile:

I am working with other people to acquire this laptop so our price range is around 500$ - 700$. However if I give them a really good reason why it would be better to go up to the 1000$ status they might consider it. :corn:

But for now, I know that I could easily score this laptop and start learning! :cornersault:

Any input is greatly appreciated, thank you so much! :cornblur:


Hey everyone! :adios:

I know it’s been awhile as I’ve been really busy monking around… :jointbounce:

Anyway, I am ready to purchase a laptop! :recordingcrew:

I have my sights set on these two:


IMO, the red one with the i7 is superior.

My real question is:

What’s the major difference between these tops?:typing:

One is obviously a better computer, but why do they run the same price?:smashedlol:

I am thankful for any response, again it’s been awhile. :pray:

I am so glad to post on dsf again! Yippee! :cornverted:


i’d hazard a guess and say it’s bcs that the grey one has better build quality (my ex had one, metal chassis and shit) and the red one has a touchscreen.