Getting back in the groove of things

Opinions on things?

Ayyy, been a while since I saw your name.
Sub’s pretty huge on this. There’s this weird pop on the drop at 2:02 though, and again at 3:24 is that intentional? Made me think my speakers blew haha. Feel like you could add some extra layers/harmonics to the bass at some points, it vibes well enough, but feels kinda flat over time.
If you’re not gonna go back in on it, is there any chance I could have a 320?

Def got you on the 320 bruv. There’s is an audio glitch on the bounce but not in my daw I’ll figure it. And yes it’s been a while but I’m ready to smash 2016. Def aiming for some releases.

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quick fade in on that sample at 2.02 and 3.24 should fix it. surprised your DAW didn’t pickup the clipping. enjoyed this, personally I would cut the intro in half.

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