Ghost - Drunk Dancing


new one


DAMN, really lovin this!


yeah, nice & heavy


Thanks for the love!


Big up! I’ve worked on that one for along time.


it shows




Very nice. You’ve earned yourself a follower!


maybe some high synth stabs? big though man!


That’s love!


Had a friend of mine make a video for me. If anyone wants the wav inbox me here or on soundcloud. peace


This is a big tune tbh dude. Very joker!
Vid is p cool too!


Looking forward to hearing more


new tune =)


big tune man, really digging the synth work and overall vibe.
Though as with Dank Vision i thing the sub could be quite a bit more prominent in the mix.
If you do make any changes, could i have a copy?


Thanks bro! A buddy of mine says the same thing lol. It’s just my preference to have my subs felt more than heard but I assure on a big club system it knocks. Def will send you the wav thanks for rocking with me and more to come. Bout to start djing next year so I will be putting tunes out more.


Yeah mate, that’s what subs are for, still i’d suggest you to pull it a few dB up :slight_smile:


Yea real big tune.

Again could I get a copy?
But I am with syrup pls pull up the sub a little bit it’ll add that little bit more presence and immersion.
Like ubare swimming in the tune


Thanks for the feedback guys! much love


Just updated the file on Soundcloud and sent you guys the revision. Bless.