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Greetings, Greetings,

It is so great to be back on DSF ! :corndance:

Well fam, after a long period of transition - I am finally in the position to start producing!:loud_sound:

I’ve recently landed my 1st apartment - it’s great! :slayer:

I’m on Section 8 and my rent and utilities are fully covered for 2 years! :house:

I am so lucky! :four_leaf_clover:

I literally have free rent and internet. :globe_with_meridians:


I have FL 20 Producer Edtion, and I will being getting Serum here very soon.

I have a couple questions for y’all (again)….


1.)What do you consider the best tutorial series for learning?

I am a complete noob here.

The farthest I’ve gotten so far is to be able to paint some beats in the channel rack.

I figure it’s better to ask the experts for some way showing rather than by trial and error of my own.

2.) How do I download my plug-ins?

3.) What are your favorite packs, and where to get them ( AND how to get them in FL)?

4.) How can I accelerate my learning?


The way I feel about the early producing stages is thus:

First, you gotta make a couple bare tracks just to get the feel of creating a track. I’m talkin’ just some simple beats and chords.

Second, once you have the feel for producing down then you can start to spice up your tracks with sounds and effects.

Lastly, once you’ve mastered beats, and sounds you gotta learn mixing and mastering.

And to me, that’s about it.

Did I miss anything?

Please feel free and let me know!

I’ll take all feedback, good and bad. All of it helps me!


On another note, I sent a gift shipment in to my favorite dubstep label : DISCIPLE

They opened my package first and you can view it here:

It was pretty hilarious to see them react, haha. :cornersault:

Thanks for all your help and friendly reflections, friends…

I am so glad to be able to ask and receive some help on this musical journey.



Peace & Love to us all !

Yours truly in Divine Love & Ascension

~DJ IllumiNate


Read the production bible on the old forum.

Watch YouTube tutorials.

Learn the rules and then break them.

Ignore everyone’s advice.

Never mix and adjust a channel in solo.

Old burial > new burial.

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Thanks for the reply Sleepwalker! :jointbounce:

I will definitely look into that bible. :eyes:

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BIG ups! :bluethumb:

BIG, BIG ups! :twothumbsup:


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