Guitar sounding synth solos

Can anyone point me in the right direction for this kind of sound? I dig it.

Comes in at 33 secs

At times it sounds like a real guitar but i don’t think it is. Hard to describe exactly what i love about it and want for my sound, but i guess the way it has this almost honky initial hit of each note and then stretches out into pure tone.

Sounds like a preset you’d get on something almost.

Just sounds like a ‘leady’ sound with distortion on it. The thing that makes it sound like a guitar the most is the expression applied with pitch bend and modulation.

Saw wave chorus and distortion seems to work well making guitar like sounds. Its all in how you play uy tho. Use legato mode or glide or whatever so you can bend between notes. Use a pitch bend wheel with its range set to 2 semitones so its like doing a full tone Ben on guitar.Use a short release too so notes don’t hang on when you aren’t pressing them.

Edit: this is just general guitar style synth tips no idea how to achieve the honkiness. There’s deffo a short reverb on that one. He also seems to have used an LFO on the pitch assigned to a mod wheel so you can change the vibrato asnypu play.

Cheers for the tips guys, I think i’ve gotten a little bit closer, with chorus/bit of dist and manually being whacky with the vibrato. That honkiness though. Almost sounds like some wooden enveloped notes, the kind you can make real easy on FM8.

Sort of got the honkiness with a filter env on a different oscillater.