Hambling - The Way You Look @ Me [Future Bassish]

hey guys, never posted here before but I’ve heard that feedback on the forums here has proven useful

so yeah, if you can, please let me know your thoughts on this new one of mine :slight_smile: The title is kind of inspired by ‘When I Look At You’ by Emalkay



catchy, soft, original, like nothing I’ve heard before, I don’t have any suggestions for you man, you’re doing great )))

thanks Alexey for the support man :slight_smile: I’ll send this around some more in that case

yes do it man, I reckon it’s worth finishing, I also think maybe you could gradually cut high frequencies on the “buildup” around 1:52 or so, just before the love love love love sample , maybe it would make love love love thing a bit more prominent, but that’s just what I would do.